The Wellness Experience
Where the essentials of sports, yoga and wellness merge 


Join Shante on a journey to get your body defined and sculpted. She offers private sessions, group classes or private group sessions for your corporate offices, schools, sports teams, friend meet ups, etc. This form of training introduces dynamic sequences that flow while burning calories at the same time. Shante will make sure you are using the proper technique and form throughout your workout session to prevent injuries. SAFETY FIRST!! Benefits of the combination class is burning that excess fat that we all want to shed, it is easy on the joints (no jumping), it is a low impact yet very effective training class, available for all workout levels (beginners to advanced), easy to follow, improving flexibility and agility while creating strong muscles.

When you combine the strengthening and flexibility of yoga with low impact muscle sculpting with weights you will encounter a fat burn like no other. We all want a long, strong and lean body. Click here to find out how I can help you.